FHA Loan Limits Have Increased for New Haven County in CT

j0398775.jpgGreat news for the New Haven County area, Scott (Loan Officer) just passed this information on to us regrading rates in  Milford CT.

” Please review the new FHA loan limits in New Haven County, this increase is great news for buyers with less than perfect credit and looking to put little money down!  Also, the Federal Legislature has past a bill stating that Mortgage Insurance will remain a tax deduction until 2010 at least.    To go with the new limits FHA rates are as good if not better than Conventional rates at this time.”

  If you have any questions or would like more information on FHA any of this information or FHA in general please feel free to give Scott a call.
MSA Name              MSA Code  – 353000 –           One-Family-    $294,500    
NEW HAVEN-                                                            Two Family –   $331,700
MILFORD CT                                                             Three Family -$403,000 
Last Revised 01/01/2008                                        Four Family – $465,000   

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