Going Green in Milford CT


Just read about two forward thinking entrepreneurs Dayan Moore and Alison Grieveson who met while working at Café Atlantique, a downtown Milford, CT café and all around fav meeting place for those who want a little down time before and after their train ride .   Grievenson who designed their website www.gg2g.com   has a degree in advertising design form the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and now works as a free lance graphic artist.   These cool chicks have developed their own line of fashion accessories from recycled items such as billboard ads (who knew?) and bicycle inner tubes.  They have taken the bright colors which have earned such great brand recognition for companies such as Dunkin Donuts, Saab and others and transformed them into hip one-of-a kind handbags, belts, purses and much more!  

 They also support local businesses such as Bruce and John Barrett, who own a billboard company and Deborah Row who owns a Daniel Street bicycle shop by obtaining their materials from them.   So in addition to making the earth a greener place they are supporting local companies and reducing their waste. You Go Girls!!

You can find their custom items (and help save the planet by choosing them) locally at Given to Gauche a downtown boutique located at 4 Daniel Street, Milford, CT  or on their website http: www.gg2g.com.   Their “revinylized” bags are water resistant without the uses of chemicals so they are also being offered through several Whole Foods supermarkets as a great alternative to the ‘paper or plastic’ you usually have as a supermarket bagging option. 

What is on the horizon for these two dynamos—well they are looking into canvas, nylon and other products used in making sails and you guessed it – since Milford is a seacoast town they are talking to a local sail maker…