Rates are Outstanding!

j0398795.jpg30 year fixed 5.25% with 1 point
30 year fixed 5.5% with Zero points
CHFA 30 yr Fixed is 5.25% with 1 point for First Time Homebuyers
FHA 30 yr fixed 5.875% with Zero points AND reduced Private Mortgage Insurance
JUMBO loans to 1.5 Million 30 year fixed @ 6.125% Zero Points
5.75% JUMBO 5/1 Arms at 5.75% with Zero points
Yes we still can do No Income Verified loans.  Yes we can still do NO Documentation Loans.  Yes we can do Investment properties with only 10% down (1-2 units).  And Yes I will still offer the 10% off all Closing Costs.

Scott Mastropietro
Senior Loan Officer, N E Moves Mortgage, LLC
Direct:203-982-9566 Private E-Fax: 781-663-6638
Email: scott.mastropietro@NEMoves.com